Create REAL White Letter Tires Without A Tire Paint Pen

Creating custom white letter tires/tire kits for cars, pickups, motorcycles and golf carts. We also match factory lettering on 99% of tires.

NOTE***  Kits that spell “Bridgestone” or “Firestone” are not available.

With sizes ranging from 1″ to 3″ we have the perfect way to add white letters to tires on everything from golf carts and motorcycles, to pickup trucks and monster trucks. We make the custom tire lettering kits you want based on the information you provide us in the text area below. If you do not fill out this text area, we cannot complete your custom tire lettering order.

These kits are not to match your factory lettering.  These are a standard but stylish block letter.  If you want to match the black letters on your tire, please refer to the “Exact Match” page on the TredWear Website

1″ Custom Tire Lettering Kit - letters/numbers: $15.95 (1 kit per tire)

1.5″ Custom Tire Lettering Kit - letters/numbers: $19.95 (1 kit per tire)

2″ or Bigger Custom Tire Lettering Kit - letters/numbers: $29.95 (1 kit per tire)


Each kit contains the individual rubber letters needed to letter your tire. Also included is instant adhesive that bonds our letters to your tire. Each custom tire lettering kit will complete a single tire. A superior alternative to tire paint pens and tire markers. Unlike tire paint our lettering kits are guaranteed for the life of your tire.

Custom Logo Tire Lettering

Click Here to Go to our NEW TredWear website & place your order.  Scroll to the bottom of the page choose the desired size, & fill in the number of kits desired to continue.  THANK YOU!

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