Does a Tire Paint Pen or Paint Marker Work?

Does a Tire Paint Pen or Paint Marker Work For Tire Lettering?

Tire Paint Pen & Tire Marker For Tire Lettering

A lot of people want to know if a tire paint pen or tire paint marker works for tire lettering.  The answer is yes and no – while a tire paint pen or marker can be used to add white letters to your tires, tire paint is also certainly not without flaws, and some of those flaws are pretty major. 

A Tire Paint Pen Isn’t Perfect

A white paint pen is one of the most popular ways to add aftermarket tire letters right now.  One of the reasons for this is that there aren’t too many alternatives out there to a tire paint pen.  I’d be lying if I told you a white paint pen is perfect though. 

A Tire Paint Pen or Tire Paint Marker Is Frustrating

To be honest a white tire letter paint pen can be messy to work with.  Cleaning up paint from your hands and clothes is no fun - in fact it is a nuisance.  On top of that it can be easy to mess up when using a tire paint pen, leaving you with less then stellar looking white letter tires.  A tire paint pen also is very time consuming to use.  To make matters even worse, white tire paint often chips or fades from your tires, leaving you with even worse looking tires than you started with.  Also, in most cases a white tire paint pen will leave you with letters that fade to brown or black.  Imagine putting in all of that time and dealing with the mess of a tire paint pen only to have it fade.  That sounds like a frustrating experience to me.

Something Better Than a Tire Paint Pen or Tire Paint Marker?

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s exactly what inspired us to create the Iron Cross Innovations rubber tire lettering kit as an alternative to a tire paint pen. 

We simply were sick of all of the problems, hassles, and imperfections that a tire paint pen produced, so we created a solution for white letter tires.  What we came up with is individual, raised white tire letter inserts that are made out of durable rubber and an adhesive that will bond the letters to your tire like they were always part of it.  What’s even better is that it is quicker, easier, and way less messy than a tire paint pen.  Plus, we guarantee our tire letters for the life of your tire – that’s something you simply can not and will not get from a tire paint pen. 

Are These Kits Really Better Than  a Tire Paint Pen or Marker?

Now you may think we are just being biased towards our own product or simply giving you a sales pitch, but realize this – we only invented these white letter tire kits because we felt a white tire paint pen wasn’t doing the job right.  That’s how strongly we feel that these rubber white letter tire kits are a superior alternative to a tire paint pen. 

White Letter Tires Without a Tire Paint Pen

No Tire Paint Pen Needed to Make White Letter Tires!

Is a Tire Paint Pen a Thing of the Past?

Our feeling has proven to be true, with our customers raving about how great our raised white rubber tire letter inserts are, telling us how much better it is than a tire paint pen, and saying that they couldn’t believe something like this hasn’t been invented sooner.  Well wait no more, a new standard for making white letter tires is here, so throw away the tire paint pen for good. 

Take Pride in Your Ride. Ditch the Tire Paint Pen.