Michelin White Letter Tires Kits – Superior Alternative to a Tire Paint Pen

Goodbye, Tire Paint Pen. Hello, Michelin White Letter Tires – In No Time.

A superior alternative to tire paint and tire paint pens, each Michelin white letter tires kit contains the individual white rubber letters needed to letter the make and model of your specific semi tire. Also included is an instant adhesive that bonds our Michelin white letters to your tire. Each Michelin white tire lettering kit will complete a single semi tire.  Will not chip or fade like tire paint.  Unlike tire paint pens, our lettering kits are guaranteed for the life of the tire.

Michelin White Tire Letter Kit

Michelin White Letter Tires Kit

Yes, we do ship our Michelin white letter tires kits internationally!

To order visit our factory matched white letter tires page.

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